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Chinese Culture University campus VPN (Virtual Private Network)


     Before using electronic resources, please confirm whether you want to access the off-campus Internet connection credential. At present, except for the desktop computers on campus, using campus WIFI through mobile phone Internet access, laptop Internet access, dormitory network or the use of electronic resources at home all need off-campus Internet connection credential. You should complete it in order to successfully download the full text of the database.

       The "Information Center VPN (Virtual Private Network)" has been fully adopted as the off-campus Internet connection since the academic year of 107. The original AUTORPA off-campus Internet connection is not available.
       The service is only available for in service teachers, staff, and students of the university to the use of library electronic resources off campus. It is not available for those part-time teachers who are not scheduled for this semester, alumni, or suspended students.
Description for installation

Webpage of the Information Center for VPN

Question: Why can’t I log in after installing?

  • If you have successfully installed but are unable to log in, please change your password first in the teacher or student area (The password should be different from the current password). After the password change is saved, the original password can be changed back. If the original password is directly changed, the system will not accept it.
  • If you still can't log in after changing your password, please contact 2861-1801  Ext. 16405.
  • If you have questions for main campus installation and use, please contact 2861-1801  Ext. 16301.
  • For students in continuing education program, please contact 2700-5858  Ext 8778 (Digital Learning Center).


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